Wanted Cover is here!


Hey guys, the cover for Wanted is finally here! An extra special thanks to all the lovely bloggers that helped make the cover reveal extra special and of course all my friends at Limitless Publishing.

2 responses to “Wanted Cover is here!

  • Debbie McGeehan

    Hi Amanda. i just wanted to let u know, that I enjoyed your book, Wanted, so much that I could not put it down. I work with your dad, Paul, and he sold me one of his 15 copies, that he purchased. He is so proud of u, and after reading Wanted, so am I. I really look forward to reading your next book. I wish u the best of luck, with your writing career. Keep those books coming, as your fans will really enjoy them. Thanks again for the great book, that I truly enjoyed reading. Sincerely, Debbie

  • nina

    Is the next book going to continue where this one left off I wanted to now what’s next.

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